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Real Incest With Mom

Submitted by: HMAM 624 days ago
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  • Anonymous  |  34 days - 18/03/2015
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  • Anonymous  |  422 days - 22/02/2014
    Ever since I was 12, my nickname was "Flashlight", coz my dick was the size of a flashlight, six inches and fat as hell. Now, at 30, I'm blessed with a three cell flashlight, eight inches of rock hard cock, both a blessing and a curse. Anyway, at 12, my dick was hard all the time. My mom was an alcoholic, and started coming into my bed two or three times a week to "teach me about sex" as she put it. I now realize, it was when she was drunk and horny. She would always wake me up with a sweet blowjob, and was very good at it indeed. She made it her goal to suck all of my six inch fat cock down her throat, and drink the pre cum that dripped out of my young cock. Her routine was when I was rock hard, she would sit on it and ride it until she came a hot sticky river of cum all over me. Because I was so young, I would cum within minutes of feeling her hot love juice and tight pussy all over my young cock. Mom would always keep my limp dick inside her, and sometimes pass out on top of me like this. Several times, , my young age allowed me to get rock hard again ten or fifteen minutes later as I lay inside that hot soaking wet with our cum pussy. I remember a couple of times I came a second time just laying there inside Mom, not even moving. In her passed out state, Mom must have felt the ten or fifteen hot spurts inside her because she started moaning and grinding for a few seconds. This simple routine went on for about the first year, and then Mom started doing different things, like making me eat her warm pussy until she came. I really like this, as Mom was always soaking wet with creamy and very tasty cum. She taught me 69, and like old lovers, most of the time we came at the same time this way. She taught me to "hold it", until I felt her whole body shaking and shivering, and then her massive cum flows start pouring out of her....then and only then could I let go with my equally as long and wonderful orgasm. She said I got very good at this. After about a year, when I was 13, she showed me sex in the ass, which I loved very much. Whenever we did it this way, she would make me hurt her by jamming my huge cock as deep in her and as fast as I could. There were times when she would cum this way, which was very confusing to a 13 year old boy. This went on until I was 18, and went in the Army. After having sex with other girls, with my now eight inch cock, I realize how sweet, tasty, warm, and wet my mom's pussy really was at that time. Most girls now can't take all my throbbing rock hard cock either in ther cunts or their mouths. Until this day, I have found no one who can suck a cock like my mother did back then....she was fantastic in all she taught me, and to be honest....I miss my mommy.................Rowdy.
  • mirekkkk  |  438 days - 07/02/2014
    nice watching at mother and son, I am very excited...
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  • Anonymous  |  498 days - 08/12/2013